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expensive taste: high quality fashion discussion
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welcome to expensive taste, the hot new community based on high-quality fashion discussion for intelligent, classy men and women. the highlight of this community is talking about the latest fashions and fashionable people, including posting pictures of things we buy, want to buy, or simply want to talk about.

to make sure this community is relaxing, fresh, fun, and informative, there is an application. make sure you are genuine in your application, as i can see right through fakes. you must have expensive taste or be extremely knowledgable when it comes to high fashion, whether or not its what you end up being able to afford. "expensive taste" does not require extensive collections of louis vuitton handbags or bill-gates-sized bank accounts. the underlying theme is quality is greater than quantity when it comes to great fashion. the definition of luxury is in the eye of the beholder, but the definition of fashion is universal.

regulations are brief: complete sentences and fully written words are required. please lj-cut posts consisting of large pictures or promotions.

copy and paste the application below. answers do not have to be long and should not be altered to fit what you think i want to hear. do not deliberately relate all answers to fashion because i can see through that, too. be yourself and answer honestly, and your chances of acceptance will be higher.

1. name:
2. age:
3. sex:
4. location:
5. describe yourself in one word:
6. favorite food:
7. favorite brand:
8. favorite shoes:
9. something i cant live without:
10. something i would never do:
11. something i think would change the world:
12. something i wish i had:
13. most recent travel destination:
14. most recent book read:
15. most recent luxury purchase (w/ photo):

i encourage you to apply, and good luck!

promoting is not required but is highly requested. the more members, the better. copy a code and paste into any community or journal for a cute banner.